Parent & Staff Login

Being a SAMPLE site, we invite you to use the following usernames and passwords to log in to both of the secure sections to see the features that these secure sections have to offer your families & Staff.

To login in to the Parent section - Username: Parent Password: Parent

To login in to the Staff section - Username: Staff Password: Staff

Our Learning Environments

Above is a "Flash Photo Gallery" displaying samples of the "Learning Environments" of our sample child care centre.  There are a variety of layouts and transitions available for your flash gallery.  This is just one example. You can have many or few images in your Falsh Gallery.

Images - Courtesy of Hunter Valley Alphabet Academy

This particular Flash Gallery has many features including: 

  • optional information pop up panels for each image with "Image Title" and "Image Description"
  • a zoom feature for each image
  • an auto-play function
  • pause button
  • and full screen mode.