Parent & Staff Login

Being a SAMPLE site, we invite you to use the following usernames and passwords to log in to both of the secure sections to see the features that these secure sections have to offer your families & Staff.

To login in to the Parent section - Username: Parent Password: Parent

To login in to the Staff section - Username: Staff Password: Staff

Join our Waitlist

If you use QikKids at your centre, you may like to incorporate the QK Enrol that uses the "My Family" Widget on your website. QK Enrol is a digital booking management solution for childcare services, that enables services to easily manage family Waitlist Requests and submitted Enrolment forms.

Enrolment at Sample Childcare Centre

To join our wait list, please Register with the My Family Lounge using the Register button on the left.  By registering with the My Family Lounge, you can:
  • Create a Waitlist request for your child
  • Update your contact details
  • View and accept offers from our service
  • Manage enrolments for multiple children
  • Complete online enrolment forms
  • Request changes to your existing bookings

For more information about My Family Lounge, please view these brochures: